Compliance Silco is proud to have an on site Chemistry & Research Lab.  Our team has over fifty years of combined experience in manufacturing, developing and processing of sealant materials.  We have worked diligently to meet or surpass industry specifications for our product lines.  Our in-house laboratory upholds these stringent industry standards.  Independent testing is also done by third party nationally accepted laboratories to verify results. Testing Equipment Viscosity Durometer (Shore A) Tensile Strength Elongation Extrusion Rate Modulus and many more... Project Research Each of our products has a set of features and benefits that make it unique and better applicable to a specific solution.  These properties are conceived and tested in our lab.  We are ‘driven by the challenge’ when a customer presents us with a new application.  We may be asked to push the limits of surface adhesion, weatherability, heat resistance or make a complex sealant that is reactive under certain conditions.  We enjoy this kind of thing.
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